Super Huge Mega Update! (v2.0)

Orphanarium goes from version 1.55 to 2.0! The changes are so many and so big, that I had to categorize them! Let's start!!!

Major additions:
       • Fullscreen!
       • Widescreen! (16:9)
       • A new side-story: Memory Markers!
       • A seventh ending! (3 new cut scenes)
       • Secondary controls


General level changes:
       • New screen limits in all levels (black outer boundaries)
       • All levels have a mask so that no off-limits art is shown
       • All levels have new shadows, gradients and details
       • Added black objects to cover Chibi as she exits levels
       • Stage limits are removed (because of fullscreen conflict)
       • Vertical parallax added (due to stage limits removal)
       • Outdoor buildings are taller (due to vertical parallax)
       • Trees ground added (due to vertical parallax)
       • The top of most stairs merges with the ground
       • Embedded fonts

Specific level changes:
       Kitchen additions:
       • Added moon in the kitchen background
       • Deleted artifacts above the Kitchen's left door
       • Casseroles in the kitchen and hanging spoons
       • A red towel that vanishes when the red ghosts appear
       • Kitchen cauldron
       • Kitchen's basement floor has a blue tint

       Classroom additions:
       • Windows details
       • Shadows behind library, chairs, clock and columns
       • Gradient behind stairs
       • Trash bin and tallboy added

       Dungeon additions:
       • Blurrier fire in the dungeon
       • Cage added in the basement
       • New platform above altar and additional art Blue light exit
       • New collision above door walls

       Red levels additions:
       • White ghosts blocking the red dungeon
       • Red cave has bottomless gradient and different background
       • Two marker drawings are distorted
       • Roach on Nun


Buttons update:
       • Rearranged Main Menu buttons
       • Buttons with links ( and secrets)
       • All buttons have sound effects
       • Warning text flashes
       • Fullscreen button

Performance improvements (less slow-down):
       • New parallax for all levels (due to stage limits removal)
       • Fence has no parallax
       • Fence behind buildings is deleted, in the nun garden
       • Deleted garden trees behind buildings
       • No blurry fires in Red levels
       • New moon background and no blurry clouds
       • Removed clouds from diner background
       • Lighter wall paintings
       • Wooden walls in/out of diner had too much detail
       • Cave background changes (e.g. middle ceiling rock removed)  

Re-centered art (due to new parallax):
       • Character on camera
       • Menu screen
       • All cutscenes
       • All transitions
       • All endings 
       • All backgrounds

Various fixes:
       • The game doesn't break when you resize the window (during gameplay)
       • Rey the Reynard graphical glitch is now fixed
       • Nun's collision doesn't touch the ground
       • Chibi can't pass by the Devil without triggering his cutscene
       • Garden grass by the cemetery door, to cover Chibi's light as she enters
       • Some doors have shades and hinges
       • Fainting nun cutscene has gradient background
       • Cemetery grass is now taller (due to vertical parallax)
       • Endings where Chibi runs: background bush loop (due to widescreen)
       • Blue gradient in the cave's wall
       • Screaming girls bubble appeared in the caves (glitch)
       • Hazard hit-box was out of place in the middle session of the caves
       • Each ending provides a unique hint

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